Estate Agent Services

Estate agent for sale signsStandard services you may be offered:

  • Free visit and valuation of your home.
  • Preparing property marketing literature
  • Promoting your property: online on the company's website or in a local newspaper and also sending your property details to prospective buyers.
  • Accompanying buyers on house viewings.
  • Providing offers from buyers in writing.
  • Negotiating with buyers.

Additional services:

  • A preference for accompanied property viewings, which will save you the trouble.
  • Adding floor plans or online video tours of your property.
  • Committing to advertising your property every week in their local office window and/or local newspaper.
  • Property review meetings and online tracking systems, so you can check on viewings and buyer feedback.
  • A (free) "sales progression" service, via someone at the agent's office rather than a call centre. This can save you a lot of time as they help to liaise between the buyers, sellers and other parties involved in the purchase/sale.

Estate agent checklist:

If you ask an estate agent these 10 questions during their initial valuation visit, you can’t go far wrong.

  • How many similar properties have they sold recently? At what price?
  • How many viewings and how long did it take to sell the properties?
  • How many buyers are currently looking for properties like yours?
  • Which trade associations are they members of?
  • Ask for a minimum and maximum price for your property: What price would they market your property for? What price would they expect you to get for your property? What price would they value your home for a "quick sale"?
  • Who will do the property visits?
  • Can you have a copy of their contract?
  • How and where will they market your property?
  • What are their charges – and when do you have to pay?
  • How would complaints be handled?