Factors That Devalue a Home

Inherited Problems

Peeling paint workThese are issues that might not really have seemed like a problem when you first bought your property, but which might have gained in relevance since. This can include mobile phone masts or any other form of transmitter, pylons or power line, roads that are suddenly scheduled for extension or airports ripe for expansion.

What might have been an aesthetic blip in the locale when you bought the property can swiftly become a plug hole down with the value of your property inexorably slides? But nature can play a part too. Ancient and protected trees can develop a nasty habit of shedding heavy branches when stressed, or dripping bug secretions over expensive thatch.  Unpredicted accelerated coastal erosion in some areas of the Norfolk coast, meanwhile, has turned the pleasure of an uninterrupted ocean view into a depressed stare into the precipice of imminent homelessness.

Casual Neglect

To many, a home is simply a place within which they pursue the activities that really interest them. Consequently the rather dull matter of maintaining the property gets sidelined. Regardless of how well build to you home was, it will require some of that pesky TENDER LOVE AND CARE from time to time. Avoid general maintenance at your peril.


A home that was used as a meeting place for early 20th century revolutionaries or historical heroes can expect a boost in desirability and therefore value because of the inherited kudos. But a property more recently associated with far left or far right leaning organization or even worse, a terrorism suspect, can suffer in terms of value.

The Wrong Kitchen

If you spend an awful lot of money installing a kitchen that no-one else likes, then you’re going to see potential buyers either balk at the challenge of putting things right or negotiating down your asking price as compensation.

The Wrong Bathroom

The same is true in the bathroom. Swan shaped taps are just not everyone’s cup of tea and an avocado, chocolate brown or burgundy bathroom suite is these days very hard to come by...for a very good reason. While it is true that you should by a home to live in and fill it with the things.