Moving Into Storage

There are 2 main types of storage available that home owners have at their disposal…these are self storage and containerised storage.

Self Storage

Self storage

Self-Storage Pros:

  • Simple and cost effective
  • Being the only key holder
  • Access to goods when you want
  • Short or long term contracts available

Self-Storage Cons:

  • Having to store for a minimum 1 month period
  • Having to do the hard removal work yourself
  • Risking damaging your furniture due to inexperience of carrying furniture
  • Storage companies are expensive to purchase boxes, tape etc.

Container Storage

Container storage

Container Storage Pros:

  • No lifting to do as the remover will do this unless you deliver to the movers store via van hire
  • Loading generally completed at your door
  • Dealing with the 1 company for both removal and storage

Container Storage Cons:

  • Limited access once goods are in storage
  • Having to fit in with your mover's availability when booking your vacating storage removal date
  • Forbidden goods are generally livestock ,toxic goods, flammables, explosives, food stuffs, plants and perishables (if in doubt ask the company)
  • How many containers might I need? (1x container 250 cubic feet)