Calculating Cubic Values of Furniture

How can I measure furniture cubic values?

Tape measureBelow we have listed various furniture cubic feet values. For instance, being as a box is on average 3 cubic feet, you would fit approximately 80 boxes at 3 cubic feet inside a 30 square feet storage room or 8 single beds at 30 cubic feet each (remember 30 feet x 8 feet high equates to 240 cubic feet).

For items not listed simply draw comparisons from converted items below and the item not listed.

For example a nest of tables (not listed below) may be half the size of washing machine (listed below as 15 cubic feet) therefore you could gauge it as approx 8 cubic feet.


Item Volume
Cardboard box 3 cubic ft
Washing machine 15 cubic ft
Fridge freezer 30 cubic ft
Kitchen table 30 cubic ft
Microwave 5 cubic ft
Tumble dryer 15 cubic ft


Item Volume
Grand piano 100 cubic ft
Three seater 50 cubic ft
Single sofa chair 25 cubic ft
DVD player 5 cubic ft
Television 10 cubic ft


Item Volume
Single bed 30 cubic ft
Double bed 60 cubic ft
Single wardrobe 30 cubic ft
Double wardrobe 40 cubic ft
Bedside table 10 cubic ft
Bunk beds 40 cubic ft