Container Storage

Container storage is a different entity to self storage- your goods are stored in wooden containers that are normally brought to your door in a specially built container vehicle.

The containers are normally approximately 7 x 5 x 8 feet (250 cubic feet internally) in size.

The loading is generally done at your door and then the containers are stored sometimes 3 high at your chosen movers storage warehouse.

Size of house/Number of containers you might need

House/Flat Volume (cubic feet) No. of Containers
1 bedroom 500 2
2 bedroom 750 3
3 bedroom 1000/1250 4/5
Container storage

Frequently Asked Questions About Container Storage

Are the containers stored in a dry waterproof environment?
Yes, containers are stored in a warehouse along with various other container.
Can I deliver my goods to a removal companies warehouse myself?
Yes,though you will not have the same flexibility or access as self storage and may have to wait a short period of time if for a container(s) if you arrive unexpectedly without notice.
What notice period is required to vacate containerized storage at a removal company?
Removal companies sometimes have hundreds of containers in their warehouse and a lot of forklift work is needed to locate your container(s). They also have many bookings to facilitate, so unlike self-storage giving 2 weeks notice, or whatever is possible, is advisable.
What happens if I have items that are too large to fit into an 8 feet high container?
Items too large for a container are generally stored in another area of the warehouse specially sectioned for large items.
What items are forbidden to be stored inside a removers wooden container?
Similarly to self storage companies – flammables, explosives, food stuffs, plants and perishables (if in doubt ask the company).

Your mover will provide you with a detailed inventory of your goods and will invoice you every 28 days.

Container Storage Pros:

  • No lifting to do as the remover will do this unless you deliver to the movers store via van hire
  • Loading generally completed at your door
  • Dealing with the 1 company for both removal and storage

Container Storage Cons:

  • Limited access once goods are in storage
  • Having to fit in with your mover's availability when booking your vacating storage removal date
  • Forbidden goods are generally livestock ,toxic goods, flammables, explosives, food stuffs, plants and perishables (if in doubt ask the company)
  • How many containers might i need? (1x container 250 cubic feet)