Self Storage

Self storage

Self storage units are different to containerized storage mainly because your goods are kept in an individual room or metal container and you are the only key holder. For these 2 reasons Self storage customers generally feel a greater deal of privacy and security. They also have greater flexibility with being able to come and go as they choose (within the storage companies opening hours).

It is a good idea to ensure you have a good supply of blankets,plastic mattress and sofa covers for your goods whilst in storage and blanket protect all items you place in your storage unit.

These units are dry and generally clean but you should also ensure that you place a few blankets onto the units floor before packing goods into it.

Self-Storage Pros:

  • Simple and cost effective
  • Being the only key holder
  • Access to goods when you want
  • Short or long term contracts available

Self-Storage Cons:

  • Having to store for a minimum 1 month period
  • Having to do the hard removal work yourself
  • Risking damaging your furniture due to inexperience of carrying furniture
  • Storage companies are expensive to purchase boxes, tape etc.