Expert Moving Advice

The Difference Between a Flitting and a Professional Removal:

  1. A professional removal is a more organized process opposed to a flitting. the client feeling relaxed and calm in the belief their goods are in safe hands.
  2. In a professional removal the process begins with a home visit where as a telephone verbal agreement flitting can leave clients exposed to their mover possibly not turning arriving on move day or simply a poor level of service with no real customer care values.
  3. A professional removal via a home visit provides a written fixed price quotation avoiding any risk of hidden surcharges, with a flitting verbal estimate the mover is not committed to any fixed costing and can increase their charges if they choose.
  4. A professional mover is generally committed to informing clients of any delays as soon as they become apparent to avoid any unnecessary client panicking.
  5. With a structured and well-managed removal there is no rushed approach during the moving process and the client feels more at ease during the removal.
  6. In an organized removal carpet and wooden floor protectors are used to prevent damage to clients carpets and floor area.
  7. Also sofas and mattresses are protected with nylon/plastic protection for maximum protection.
  8. Highly polished furniture is individually blanket and export wrapped for maximum protection.
  9. Customers homes are thoroughly checked prior to the vehicle leaving the load address to ensure all items are loaded and after delivery the vehicle is checked thoroughly to ensure the whole consignment is delivered.
  10. Customers belongings are positioned in the new home in a way that is to the clients' satisfaction and not inconsiderately placed at the most convenient point to the removal porter.

How to Negotiate a Cheaper Removal

Tidy Up

Try and have your home tidy when the removal estimator is carrying out his survey as this will mean he will be able to accurately gauge the amount of furniture he is quoting for.

Book In Advance

Book in advance as early as possible as removal companies will be keen to fill their diary as early as possible so early home visits places you in a good bargaining position.

Don't Move on Friday

Move mid week and not Friday (Fridays are the busiest day of the week for movers and they will not be short of work, whereas the other days allows you to bargain a bit more).

Get 3 Quotes

Gather 3 quotes and negotiate the best price. The removal market is highly competitive and movers can generally discount up to 10% from their quotation (sometimes more).

Your Own Insurance

Find out if your own home insurance covers you for your move. If it does, ask your mover if there is a chargeable element in their quote for insurance and can it be deducted.

How to Avoid the Cowboys

10 Things to Look Out For When Choosing a Reputable Removal Company

How to avoid the cowboys
  1. Ensure they ask to provide a home visit for an accurate quotation.
  2. Ensure your quotation is a written quotation opposed to a verbal agreement.
  3. Ask if their staff is permanent and fully trained.
  4. Ask to see a copy of their goods in transit insurance policy and ask to see it.
  5. Ask if premises protection insurance coverage is in place.
  6. Ask if they have a customer care policy and complaints procedures.
  7. Do they have suitable vehicles to carry out the work?
  8. Are protective covers used for your sofas mattresses etc.?
  9. Ask them if you will receive a confirmation of booking in writing?
  10. Ask if any are their potential surcharges for the service they offer?

Home Movers Common Misconception

Home movers often think that the main driving factor in a removal company costing, is the distance the van is travelling. Although this is a factor to a certain degree, the main factors are the amount of furniture and the amount of carries that are required to be made by the removal men to and from the van, this is what is the main time consuming element of the job.

i.e. Carrying 100 boxes and 50 bags and various other items of furniture onto a van and then off again at the delivery address might be a similar cost whether it is 1 mile away or 10 miles away.

Questions and Answers About Moving

Do removal companies have hidden charges?
Some can charge waiting time in the event of key delays so a key waiver purchase is the best option to avoid this, always read the terms and conditions.
If entry to my new home is delayed, are there any surcharges while I wait to pick up my keys?
Some can charge waiting time in the event of key delays so a key waiver purchase is the best option to avoid this, always read the terms and conditions.
If I have to cancel or postpone my removal date do removers have a right to charge and can charges be avoided?
Again, reading the terms and conditions is always best or simply asking your estimator when he carries out his home visit appointment. If charges are applicable it is usually 60% charge for cancellation of less than 7 days notice. Charges can be avoided by purchasing a cancellation waiver.
How far in advance should I book a removal companies services?
3-4 weeks is generally ok though as soon you know your removal date you should make a booking with your chosen mover. Certain movers do reserve the right to charge up to 60% of the quotation for any cancellation, so asking about their cancellation policy is worthwhile.
Will removal companies expect me to empty chest of drawers?
Strictly speaking contents should be emptied and the contents boxed or bagged, although clothing and light items can be left inside if you run out of boxes, but heavy items should be removed for transit.
How will I know what time to book my removal for?
Both your solicitor and your sellers solicitors will have agreed an approximate time for key exchange. Ask your move manager how long loading your home contents may take. If you anticipate receiving your keys at 1:00pm for example, and loading the vehicle and travelling to your new home is approximately 4 hours, then you should book for 9:00am.
On moving day is there any way to ease the pressure of having to vacate my home by a certain time?
Trying to negotiate as late as possible a hand over of your present home keys and also negotiating an early as possible entry into your new home is a good way of easing the pressure of worrying about move day key change over.
Are there any items that removal companies are not permitted to carry in their vehicle?
Flammables and paints are the main items not permitted to be carried.
Do I need to pack or wrap any large furniture?
Removal companies generally only require loose small items and personal effects to be boxed or bagged, all large furniture such as sofas, beds, tables and white goods etc. are blanketed and protected by the companies removal staff using protective nylon covers where necessary.
If I have furniture that requires to be dismantled, do the removal men carry out this service?
Only if you have specifically requested this service and it has been paid for and included within your written quotation, otherwise you should ensure all dismantling is completed prior to their vehicle arriving. Items that require dismantling include beds, wardrobes (that are too large to remove), trampolines, child shoots/swings and garden sheds.
What items are not covered by a removal companies insurance whilst in transit?
Flat packed self assembly furniture, contents of boxes not packed by us. Jewellery, stamps/collectors items, plants and food stuffs are the main items not covered whilst in transit or storage.
Do removal companies empty lofts?
Only if they have been contracted to and under Health and Safety legislation lofts must be floored, lit and have a fixed loft ladder for removal men to carry out this work.
If I am having a packing service, what do I need to do?
Please remove pictures from the wall and empty cupboards units, etc. and leave the items on top of the work-tops or units ready for packing.
What can I do to make moving day easier?
The removal men have lots of items and boxes to place into your new home. So both labelling items with appropriate rooms they should be placed into and someone being on hand to direct the removal men to the relevant rooms is appreciated.