Moving Checklist

Before your removal, be sure to read through this checklist to ensure you have everything taken care of:

Five Golden Rules of Moving

  1. Plan your move well in advance. Contact your local moving company up to one month before you hope to move even if you don’t know exactly when the big day will be. They will tell you exactly what they offer and the areas you need to think about. This way you can plan your time and concentrate on the essential matters.
  2. Don’t do the packing yourself If you can afford to have it done professionally, do so. Packing is not expensive and it may prevent any breakage or damages.
  3. Insurance - No matter how much care is taken with packing and handling, accidents do sometimes happen. Make sure you receive a copy of your movers insurance.
  4. Try and avoid moving on a Friday - If you can, avoid Fridays as this day is always busy. Some moving companies may even offer a discount.
  5. Ensure you receive written confirmation from your chosen mover. Written confirmation gives peace of mind and prevents any move day problems such as your mover not turning up

Removal Day Survival Kit

Baby foods / Nappies Light bulbs / Torch / Matches / Candles Snacks, plastic plates
Essential medicines / Toiletries Tool Kit, plugs and fuses Tea, coffee, sugar and kettle
Hand soap / Toilet roll Electrical tape / Screwdriver Forks, knives and spoons
Vacuum Mobile / Laptop (inc. charger) Salt and pepper
Cleaning equipment Pen / Paper Weatherproof clothing
Towels Cheque book / Credit cards / Cash  

Check List:

  • Arrange a visit from three removal companies
  • Receive and consider written quotations
  • Confirm dates with your chosen mover
  • Select your mover by returning signed acceptance
  • Let your child's school know you intend them to leave
  • Advise the moving company about parking restrictions at both addresses
  • Arrange a contact number and give this to your mover in advance of your move
  • Dispose of anything you don't want
  • Run down freezer contents and use up contents
  • Arrange any hotel accommodation required
  • Redirect mail to your new address
  • Send change of address cards to friends and relatives
  • Discontinue gas supplier
  • Discontinue electricity provider
  • Notify water authority
  • Arrange carpet fitters if needed
  • Cancel all rental agreements
  • Notify any hire purchase agreements
  • Notify your doctor
  • Notify dentist
  • Notify optician
  • Notify house phone
  • Notify mobile phone
  • Notify vet
  • Notify your banks/building society
  • Notify credit card companies
  • Notify cable and Sky tv
  • Notify car breakdown company
  • Notify DVLA about car and license address change
  • Notify car insurer
  • Notify council tax
  • Notify tax office and N.I. contributions
  • Notify any insurance/pensions brokers of your new address
  • Arrange minders to look after pets and young children on the moving day
  • Clear the loft
  • Cancel milk and newspapers
  • Return library books
  • Find and label keys for your new purchaser
  • Separate valuable items and important documents ready for you to hand-carry on moving day
  • Sort out and label "don't take" any items which are not to be moved
  • Tape together garage/garden tools
  • Take down any light fittings you are taking
  • Take down curtains and take up carpets
  • Collect children's toys etc for the journey
  • Give the removal driver a spare key to your new residence
  • Take final electric and gas readings
  • Hoover before you leave
  • Ensure all windows and doors are secure before leaving the house