The DIY Mover

DIY moveMany people at one time or another have attempted to move their own furniture by themselves, particularly if the move was small and not going a far distance or simply when budget was a main consideration. Though it isn’t quite so popular if there is a lot of furniture to be moved or the move is a distance move.

It is also in no way without its pitfalls and challenges. What looks like on paper a straight forward easy task can and often does leave home movers swearing (literally at times) that they "will never ever do it again"

It's probably a good idea before you make the decision of doing the move yourself to work out the cost and compare it to what a removal company may charge.

To begin you will need the following:

  • A suitable hire vehicle such as a luton or 7.5 ton box van
  • A supply of protective blankets and ties to secure the furniture
  • Plastic mattress and sofa covers
  • Wardrobe boxes for your hanging garments
  • Boxes, tape and bubble wrap for self packing
  • Family and friends to help with the move
  • Most of all you will need a lot of willingness to do a hard days work

Costs to consider

  • Time off work and lost earnings
  • Van hire and fuel
  • Materials for self packaging you may do
  • Food and drinks for your helpers