Getting Your Van Packed

Jigsaw cubePacking a van is a bit like completing a jigsaw or playing a game of Tertris. You basically have a square area (a van) and lots of items you have to fit into that van.

Items will be packed closely together, one on top of another and side-by-side. There will be spaces and air pockets that you have to try and fill these spaces with appropriately sized items. Bags are ideal to fill spaces.

It is the filling of any space that prevents any movement of the load whilst in transit. So the tighter the better.

Items such as washing machines,chest of drawers and wardrobes etc are generally placed on the ground and are known as builders and other items such as boxes, bags or small furniture should be loaded on top of these builders though you should make a judgement call at all times.

For example: a sofa on the ground may become indented if an extremely heavy item such as a safe placed on top. Though a single chair would be perfectly fine to place on top of a sofa.

Packing a van is in many ways common sense and as long as you follow our guidelines and also blanket protect all furniture then you shouldn’t go far wrong.

Single carries

Single man (or woman) carries are anything that one person can carry comfortably on their own.

These include…

Boxes, microwaves, hi fi speakers, bags, portable tvs, golf club sets, holdalls, dvd's, garden implements, suitcases, video recorders, pictures/paintings.

Double carries

Double man carries are anything that requires at least 2 people to carry it comfortably.

This includes…

Washing machines, double beds, large tv's, tumble dryers, wardrobes, sofas, cookers, chest of drawers, bed settees, kitchen tables, piano's, recliner chairs.


Builders are items that can normally be used for a base to pack in your van.

These include ..

Washing machines, fridge freezers, tumble dryers, wardrobes, tables (strong legged), heavy well packed boxes, pianos, welsh dressers, chest of drawers, work benches.


  • Always blanket protect furniture especially highly polished items
  • Pack your van like completing a jigsaw or tetrads and fill in any spaces, gaps or air pockets when packing your van.
  • If placing a sofa on its end, ensure you have a blanket between the sofa and the ground. This will prevent any marking or tears in the leather or material.
  • Always load light items above heavy items to prevent crushing or damages.
  • Place a layer of cardboard onto any item that may become indented due to having a heavy item put on top of it; i.e. a softwood table should have a flat packed box or layer of card on its surface if you are placing any item on top of it. Normally a blanket may be sufficient to protect from damage but you should make an individual judgement depending on each items weight and composition

Important. our hints and tips are only guidelines and carrying capacity is down to individuality more than anything. With health and safety in mind you should at all times be confident that you are able to carry whatever you are attempting or ask for additional help.