Types of Removal Lifts

There are 2 main types of lifts in a removal- these are termed single man and double man carries.

Single man carries are exactly as the name suggests, items that a single man can carry; such as boxes, bags a small TV etc. It is very unlikely you will have any problems with single man carries.

Single man carry

The main things to consider when removing single man carries are:

  • Don't place a heavy carry such as a heavy box of books above a light single carry such as a box with a lamp shade or fragile china inside.
  • Try and keep delicate or fragile items at the top of the load. i.e. boxes, lampshades, shoe racks or a guitar in a case should be near the roof or top of the load where it cannot be crushed, dented or damaged.
  • Double man carries are a bit more difficult especially pianos, sofas, wardrobes and mattresses. Though, in truth there are many items other than these that will be a challenge for a novice mover.
Double man carry

When carrying double man carries you should:

  • Keep your back straight at all times
  • Ensure there are no items inside it
  • Ensure you and your other carrier are carrying the item with equal weight distribution, i.e. both arms are taking the weight with left and right arms. Similarly the item should be held close to your midriff or centre of gravity. If it doesn't feel right then it probably isn't. Stop, place the item down and start again.
  • Carry the item through the room, hall or down the stairs remembering to carry it so it is as narrow as possible. i.e. a wardrobe should be carried on its side with one man carrying the top and one carrying the bottom and it should be horizontal to the ground.
  • If going up or down stairs the item should be carried reflecting the angle it is traveling with its top being higher than the bottom at all times.
  • When moving a sofa through a doorway, always ensure you have a blanket on the ground to rotate it if necessary. 2 seaters and 3 seaters will at times have to be stood up to be moved through a narrow door.