What Size Van Do I Need?

There are 2 main sizes and styles of vehicles to consider if you are attempting a DIY removal.

3.5 Ton Lutton Van

3.5 ton luton body van – this size of van is popular for several reasons such as, it is easy to drive and can be driven with a basic car license.

Though on the negative side, its loading capacity is not as much as a removal van that a removal company would use, so you may require to do a few runs between your old and new home.

A standard luton has an approximate internal volume of 600 cubic feet.

7.5 Ton Box Van

7.5 ton box van – this size of vehicle has almost double the carrying capacity of a 3.5 ton luton van.

You must have passed your driving test before January 1997 to drive it on an ordinary license and more importantly you should ideally have experience of driving this size of vehicle.

A 7.5 ton vehicle has an approximate internal volume of 1200 cubic feet.

N.B.: If you have to be out your home for a certain time then you may have to consider a 7.5 ton van or face the wrath of your new homeowners solicitor not to mention possible financial penalties as a luton van may not carry your entire house furnishings in one load.

Requirements to Hire a Van

You are required to take both parts of your driving license and proof of your address to hire any van from a vehicle rental company.

Always check:

  • Any damage on the vehicle is accounted before you leave the rental companies premises
  • Check how much fuel is in the vehicle so you know how much to return it with.
  • Check out what their excess mileage charge is.
  • What time you have to return the vehicle by the next day
  • Always ensure you have your hirers contact number for any unexpected breakdowns

How to work out what size of vehicle is best for my furniture:

Furniture has a cubic feet size value for instance a standard box is 3 cubic feet and a fridge freezer is 30 cubic feet. So a 3 cubic feet box would fit in to a luton van 200 times and a fridge Freezer 20 times and the same box would fit in a 7.5 ton van 400 times or a fridge freezer 40 times.

Of course you probably don't have 40 fridge freezers but you should be able to use the cubic feet value of a box and the fridge freezer to compare your furniture's cubic capacity value.