Preparing for your removal can be a bit daunting at times. Below are ten moving tips to make your removal "stress free".

Boxes marked up

Identify and Mark-up the Boxes

Mark on all boxes a box number, contents, room, fragile (if necessary) and using a marker pen mark arrows showing "carry this way up". Ensure all boxes are packed tight with no rattles or noise (this will minimize the risk of any damage of the contents).

Colour Coding

It is a good idea to colour code or number boxes and door frames. For example, place a label with a colour code or number on the door frame of any given room and place the same colour code or number on the box you wish to be placed into that room. This will allow the removal men to place the box or item directly into the correct room with minimum fuss, leaving you free to do other important organising in your new home.

Lifting heavy boxes

Keep the Weight Manageable

If filling boxes (other than small book boxes) with books, CD's etc., only half fill and use cushions or towels, etc., to ensure the box is not too heavy or weight bearing. If you struggle to lift the box, we will as well.

To pack a box crumple up a layer of paper on the base of the box for cushioning ,then place a flat layer of paper on top, carefully wrap items individually with paper or bubblewrap then place the item into the box. Remember to put plates, ornaments, vases, etc., vertically and cups vertically and upside down. When you have a layer of items, complete the same steps and make a second layer and so on.

We recommend as much wrapping and crumpled paper inside the box as possible for cushioning and protection. Packing paper, newspapers, bubblewrap or towels can be used to wrap and pack boxes.

Pictures and Mirrors

When packing pictures or mirrors - wrap bubblewrap, round the frame and place a layer of cardboard from a flat packed box at the front and a layer at the back and tape together- this should ensure protection front and back and prevent any damage.

Lamp Shades

Place lamp shades into a bag and then into a box for protection to avoid damage.

Bedding and Cushions

Bedding, quilts and cushions etc can be placed into suitable plastic bags/bin liners.

Home Entertainment

When disconnecting cables from DVD's, TV's, etc. it is a good idea to colour code or number the cable and relevant port to ease reconnecting.

Petrol lawnmower

Garden Tools

Garden implements such as spades, rakes and brushes should be placed into a bin liner and taped together or tied with a cable tie to minimize carries. Remember to protect forks or sharp ends with bubblewrap and tape or other suitable protection.

Lawnmowers, etc., should be drained of any fuel/oil for safe transit.